Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haha..nice photo right??
photo capture by linchen wv his camera on tuesday(2.11.2010)
we having our dinner at kepong QQ steamboat and BBQ restaurant..
people involve ~>linchen,leeleng,junxu,chiasheng(dear) and of course m3~^^
reach there at 7 sumthing and we eat till 10 sumthing..wahaha.
(if we keep go there eat tat boss reali will pokai)XD
of course all of us was full on tat day..keep eating and eating..non-stop..
and non-stop cature photo too^^
(photo stolen frm linchen fb profile)=P
after finish our dinner,we continue our supper at green rose,genting klang..
gosh~ full dao~wan vomit liao..hehe..
anyway,having a great dinner wv dear and his frenz..^^

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