Monday, March 7, 2011

currently at kl now...
no class for today..(quite boring actually)

*when gt class keep complain* XD

yesterday just come back from my lovely sweet home...(feel dunwan to come back kl)

having a great lunch and wonderful dessert--> mango smoothies from my parent..^^

Is week 8 now..

6 more weeks to go then have to sit for my 1st final exam in degree..

quite busy...
assignment. report, tech drawing, tutorial question,mid term and many many more...

after this week den i really can have a good rest...

plan to study right now..but suddenli feel so lazy to start it...

outside is raining cat and dog,


of course~this kind of weather most suitable for sleeping..muahaha...

open facebook and close facebook..

open pps but duno wat drama shud i watch..( at last watch shin chan) XD

this is most of the college and uni student life~( hw boring right?!)

aiz~ miss the primary and secondary school life~

no need to think so much.

but now??

everything have to depend of our own.

everything have to done by ourself..


heiz~still have 3++ years to go~

jiayou la..caca~XD

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