Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas...

we wish u a merry christmas~
we wish u a merry christmas~
we wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year..

Time past so fast,is christmas again, and new year is coming soon..we have to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 sOon...
hmm...well,this is the 1st year that i spent my christmas without my lovely FAMILY...
they all goin to kuantan for sad i couldnt follow them,as my final exam falls on 28th december..arghh!! (sumtime i reali hate UTAR very very very much!!!)
nO present from my parent..T.T
nO any celebration..
Hang out with my dear and his friends on christmas eve..
hmm, actually i'm not happy at all..
we went to a japanese restaurant to have our buffet..
the price is okie..juz rm66 per person.
but the point is, the food was suck!!!
1 word to describe it...worst!!!! reali disappointed..!!!
after our dinner,we went to The Curve to countdown..
this was the 1st time that 1 countdown for christmas in kl..
well, not too's really awesome..^^
when 12am that time, all of the people spray their "fake snow" toward the was so beautiful..and i smile from bottom of my heart..reali happy..
but then...argue with my dear because of some problemS..
so...silent night become not silent anymore...
my christmas wishes :
1.Hope my family stay healthy and happy all the time..
2. hope after that 'argue',dear can really know what i wan..
3. hope santa claus could receive my wishes and let my dreams come true..^^

no present from anyone and no present for anyone too..
but i receive a christmas card from the person who mean a lot for me...
well, although juz a simple card with simple word,but i reali can feel the warmth from him..
thanks dear,although quarrel but he still never forget to give me christmas card as my present..
appreciate it...^^


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Had been quite a long time i didn't open my blogspot for blogging..Quite busy for this few weeks,as i have a lots of assignment,presentation and test to go..And now,all of the tasks had finish,but i still couldn't take a good rest..because.....EXAM IS COMING SOON....Argghhhh!!!

Today morning receive a sad news from dear's mum...His grandfather had passed away on today midnight.Had been quite a long time i didn't saw him,the last time was few months ago i think..but now,we had no chance to see him anymore..
this was life...gods give u life and will take it anytime that he want..
so,do appreciate what you have now..appreciate the time when you together with your beloved family,think about them before you did anything,don't wait until you lose it only you's too late..
树欲静而风不止,子欲养而亲不待.Please think about this chinese proverb before you did anything..
Lastly i hope that dear's grandpa could rest in peace and live happily in the other world..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Haha..nice photo right??
photo capture by linchen wv his camera on tuesday(2.11.2010)
we having our dinner at kepong QQ steamboat and BBQ restaurant..
people involve ~>linchen,leeleng,junxu,chiasheng(dear) and of course m3~^^
reach there at 7 sumthing and we eat till 10 sumthing..wahaha.
(if we keep go there eat tat boss reali will pokai)XD
of course all of us was full on tat day..keep eating and eating..non-stop..
and non-stop cature photo too^^
(photo stolen frm linchen fb profile)=P
after finish our dinner,we continue our supper at green rose,genting klang..
gosh~ full dao~wan vomit liao..hehe..
anyway,having a great dinner wv dear and his frenz..^^

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Few day didnt open my blog..
this few day really busy..busy for that both stupid assignmnet..(funny?!)
aiz~1st time feel that assignment is so annoying!! hate it..!!!
put so much effort for this stupid subject(cgpa are not counted)but at last kena reject wor..
what the hell~~!!!!!!!
For my stupid assignment group leader Mr.Lawrence:
make sure that u reali understand what are the title and what are the task that tutor ask us to do before u assign the work for us..i've not so many time to redo and redo and redo..if u dunno how to do kindly pass your leader job to other who can handle it..dun act ursev very pro can ma? beside than cakap besar what else you knw??=.=''
and,can you please tell me earlier if you wan me to redo my work?not tmr u wan to see and ask me to do for u by today..i nid time to search info,nid time to type,nid time to think also.. pandai act pro do all the work by urself la...stupid bastard idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
puik!! #$%^&

Monday, October 11, 2010

MPW 1133 ,MPW 1153...
guess what code is it??
hmm~ tat is my lan subject code.
almost get crazy with the assignment for both of this subject..
wondering y we must take this 2 stupid subject for IPTA or even IPTS???
as this 2 subject are not count any cgpa wat..T.T
reali hate dis 2 subject..i mean it!!!
it has been a long time i din study for malay.
but now,both subject also teaching in malay..>.<''
my malay was not bad actually,juz becoz long time din touch and i had forgot sum of the terms...T.T
just finish searching some stupid information for pengajian malaysia assignment..what peranan of prime minister and what kabinet..i reali blur with it!!!
i hate politics..i even duno wat had happen with our country's politics..
so..juz try to image how i'm goin to do the assignment?
yup..i'm totally lost now..
luckily dis 2 subject will not be count in cgpa..(thx god)XD

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Juz finish chatting phone wv my mum..
this is what i have to do everyday..
call bek and chat with her..^^
i dun tink tat everyone will same as me..(i mean call bek hum everyday XD)
but i enjoy to chat wv my mummy...

My classes had started since yesterday..
hmm..pengajian malaysia is reali a boring+dull subject..
sumore have to attend it for 3 hour and my class was start from 9am...
and i have to go peteling jaya for attend for my classes...
can u try to imagine tat??
from setapak go pj juz for attending 6hours lecture for 2days..(mean 1 day 3hours)
and i juz heard my kampar friends say that they juz have to attend for 2 hours and their classes is start from next week...!!!!
what the hell man...i tot we are taking the same thing wor,but y different so much???argghhh!!!stupid utar!!poor system!!
By the way,there are 1 topic which attract me most in the pengajian m'sia classes is...our lectural had told us that bumiputra are not oni for malay and those pribumi or orang asli...portuguese are also consider as matter u are mixblood or pure portuguese..what a good news for us!!wahaha..(although my blood was juz contain less than 30% of protuguese blood)
but who cares??also can call as mixblood what...XD

now the thing that i most worry is my popo(dad's mum)..
she was sick recently and quite serious..
sick for few week ady but she still haven recover..
reali worry for her..
and my uncle will send her to hospital on tomorrow.mean i have to go back seremban as my parent will also going back on tomorrow..
sincerely hope that popo will be fine and get well soon...
i miss her handmade pau,hakka and hainan dishes...
god bless her will get well as soon as possible...

Friday, September 24, 2010

miss you, kampar

jUst see back the photo when capure at kampar wv all of my kampar utar frenz..
reali miss the time when spending wv them...
*go to skul together
*lunch together
*ponteng together
*gossip together
*dinner together
*yamcha together(mm.gahni corner,gahni bistro)
*shopping together(ipoh parade,ipoh jusco)
*catch movie together
*bbq together
and many many more activities..^^
felt reali hapi tat know u all..
tat was a great memories for me and i'll owax rmb it..^^
miss kampar very much..
miss vegas cafe..
miss grand kampar hotel..
miss island red cafe..
miss big A..
miss westlake..
miss kampar old town..
miss sushi king...
miss all the thing in kampar..
how good if i still study in kampar..
no nid rush for bus or train..
n now..
have to plan for the next sem as next week reopen skul ad..
have to wake up early in the morning,
coz my cls is 9am and i have to go PJ for attending tat stupid cls..T.T
frm setepak to Petaling Jaya..(damn far)
kesian betul~!!!!>.<''
this call life~~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mooncake festival^^

First of all i would like to wish all my dear,my family and all my friends happy mid autumn festival..^^
let's enjoy mooncake and playing latern ba~XD
Planning to do jelly mooncake few day ago..
this is me..always say only...hahaha..
this time i really prepared all the ingredients jor but i couldnt found pandan leave..
that's the reason why i din make my "ai xin jelly mooncake"..
sorry la dear,promise u jor but at last din do oso..hahaha..wait next for year ba~=P
just now accompany my mum to temple for return back the "xiang lu"
*"xiang lu = a pot which buddist use for praying..
as my dad becum "fu lu zhu" of the temple for last year ..
till now i oso feel damn funny for it,as my dad is free thinker..
mooncake festival...
but how come i didnt see any people playing latern??
still rmb when i was kid that time,mum always bring me to grandmum house during mid autumn festival..^^
we all playing candles,masak masak and latern at outside while mum and relative them were chatting inside house..
quite miss that moment..
but now..
i still same..playing with my cute sister-->jasmine..XD
anyway..hope everyone can enjoy this special day with their love one...^^

**P/s: i make my hair curly hair style n new look..XD

Saturday, September 11, 2010


wat does it mean?
many ppl say couple shud share all the thing wv each other..
hOw many pair of couple can really do tat??
dun tell me tat u have share all the thing wv me..
u're nt the one who will share all thing wv me no matter how small matter like last time!!!

miss sumbody now..but he will doesnt noe tat i'm waiting for his msg..>.<
wondering y i will have dis day oso..
currently having a "cold war" wv my dear..
i oso duno y he doesnt understand what i wan...
y he knt even understand what i think...
i really din angry him for spending the time wv his frenz.
but y he keep think i angry and think tat i'm nt rational..
did i??
ya..i admin,i do tat last time.
but it doesnt mean i will redo the mistake..
wat i wan juz very simple things..
i wan my bf will care me more than care his frenz.
no matter how busy how enjoy,gv me a msg..
is tat very difficult??
sending a msg nid how much of time?
y keep ask me wait for u??
do u ever tink tat?
during the moment u happy and enjoy wv ur frenz,a person are still waitng for u!!
have u think tat how does she feel??
do you ever think tat she will bored??
the answer is"NO''!!!
i din say wan you accompany or sms wv me all the time..
at least when u're enjoy wv ur frenz tat time let me noe wat u're doin and wher are u...
say so much oso no use..
the most happy moment for u is the time when u sepnding wv ur frenz..
i really duno wat to do..
not for 1st time...
who cares???
y he knt unds?
i do so much of thing for him
at last wat i gain??
unreasonable,nt rational,think narrow...
reali duno wat shud i do!!!
15 mths anniverary at last end up wv tears...
does he noe??

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Everyone needs LOVE...
Something came into my mind right now,--->who loves me???
yea~of course i knew there are lots of people out there loves me...
my parents, my bro,my sis, friends & etc...
same goes to me, i love them with all my ♥.
but what about my partner???
it seems like still a big question mark for this.....
hmm...some people may think that i'm selfish..
am i??
please give me all your loves before i give you because i don't want to be the one who hurts lot.
i admit that i'm greedy!!! i will request much more even it's already more than enough.(tat's me XD)

i need someone to pamper me like a princess. when i say yes, he will just nod his head and follow.
i need someone who will auto-saved whatever i said infront of him.
i need someone who will care me more then he cares himself.
i need someone who will think of me before he do anythings.

OMG! it seems like i'm so desperate for love?
i've enough love at least for now...XD
Who loves me???
Answer: ♥m3♥

Monday, August 23, 2010


Finally...i reactivate my blogspot account..hehe..
It has been a long time i din blogging ad...
so start frm now i'll share my life story at here..^^

Juz bek frm construction site...
hmm..not for work( for sure,coz i'm still studying ma)XD
but juz go there to "see" our house..(still tengah construct)..
hu~the weather is freaking hot!!!!
hot till my face red like"guangong"'s face...
n...again,kena tease frm my dad..T.T
he laugh me..ask me to change course...
coz i knt tahan bad lor..XD
but i reali like site surveying ma..
no need avday work inside bored..-.-''

Yesterday me and my dear havig our high tea in one of my humtown cafe..'s reali provide a"good service"..
bad attitude,expensive,very little of food,and...all worker face black like customer owe dem million of dollar...
aiz~those kind of service..gv me free i oso wun go for the next time...
tat not the worst part...
one of the worker post on facebook said we spoiled their cafe reputation..
which law say customer knt complain???
reali jidangao!!!!!!!
who say customer had no right to choose wat they want??
who say customer had no right to complain??
who say customer had no right to do comparison??

hmm... hv to stop here n go for lunch...^^

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