Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas...

we wish u a merry christmas~
we wish u a merry christmas~
we wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year..

Time past so fast,is christmas again, and new year is coming soon..we have to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 sOon...
hmm...well,this is the 1st year that i spent my christmas without my lovely FAMILY...
they all goin to kuantan for sad i couldnt follow them,as my final exam falls on 28th december..arghh!! (sumtime i reali hate UTAR very very very much!!!)
nO present from my parent..T.T
nO any celebration..
Hang out with my dear and his friends on christmas eve..
hmm, actually i'm not happy at all..
we went to a japanese restaurant to have our buffet..
the price is okie..juz rm66 per person.
but the point is, the food was suck!!!
1 word to describe it...worst!!!! reali disappointed..!!!
after our dinner,we went to The Curve to countdown..
this was the 1st time that 1 countdown for christmas in kl..
well, not too's really awesome..^^
when 12am that time, all of the people spray their "fake snow" toward the was so beautiful..and i smile from bottom of my heart..reali happy..
but then...argue with my dear because of some problemS..
so...silent night become not silent anymore...
my christmas wishes :
1.Hope my family stay healthy and happy all the time..
2. hope after that 'argue',dear can really know what i wan..
3. hope santa claus could receive my wishes and let my dreams come true..^^

no present from anyone and no present for anyone too..
but i receive a christmas card from the person who mean a lot for me...
well, although juz a simple card with simple word,but i reali can feel the warmth from him..
thanks dear,although quarrel but he still never forget to give me christmas card as my present..
appreciate it...^^



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