Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being quite stress for this few day..
now only i realize that is not easy to become an university student(expecially engineering student).

Is week 6 now..many things are waiting for me to complete it...!!!
Assignment, report, midterm,tutorial question, CADD, technical drawing and many many more...

Today just having my 1st midterm test for degree..

1 word to describe it---> hard!!!! all sketch and structure is totally different as what we had did during foundation...(Fortunately tat some of the things i had covered during my diploma)..
no time for me to daydream anymore...

is time to start my revision right now...T.T

(if not really dunno how to enter examination hall)

HAving a new hairstyle now...

cut my front hair become shorter...

look quite weird and funny...(macam Egypt princess)XD

not really accustom with it as it had been long long time i didnt cut my front hair to"liu hai"..

bit regret actually...aiz~

but no choice wit it..what to do?? just can wait it becum long again..

is time for me to study lor^^ jiayou la ms.Jessica~!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 half past one in the midnight now...that's mean valentine is over...
but still wan to wish all my reader happy belated valentine's day^^
This year valentine is quite special for me as i had spent my valentine's afternoon with
uncle SUN...yeappi!!! XD
Having my 1st practical class for my degree.building material practical from 11am to 2pm..
can u imagine that?? we have to do our practical under the sun..>.<'' keep sweating and sweating..for sure my face was becum red...(tak tahan panas)... well,having my valentine's with my love one
Mr.Ng Chia Sheng..
Thx for his lovely card and oso the present..appreciate it very much... present for my dear lor..pity him..actually feel very guilty... choice la..who ask me duno how to drive?!
so.........i decided to treat my dear a meal as valentine's present...(at least sumthing XD)
secret recipe again-valentine's special menu (1set of spring roll,2 sets of main course~steak,2 glasses of ice lemon tea,and 1 set of dessert)
hmm...really yummy and full with it...but so sad we didnt took any photo for it...=P

*cant await for tmr melaka trip...^^ is time to oioi...good nite*

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