Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being quite stress for this few day..
now only i realize that is not easy to become an university student(expecially engineering student).

Is week 6 now..many things are waiting for me to complete it...!!!
Assignment, report, midterm,tutorial question, CADD, technical drawing and many many more...

Today just having my 1st midterm test for degree..

1 word to describe it---> hard!!!! all sketch and structure is totally different as what we had did during foundation...(Fortunately tat some of the things i had covered during my diploma)..
no time for me to daydream anymore...

is time to start my revision right now...T.T

(if not really dunno how to enter examination hall)

HAving a new hairstyle now...

cut my front hair become shorter...

look quite weird and funny...(macam Egypt princess)XD

not really accustom with it as it had been long long time i didnt cut my front hair to"liu hai"..

bit regret actually...aiz~

but no choice wit it..what to do?? just can wait it becum long again..

is time for me to study lor^^ jiayou la ms.Jessica~!!!


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