Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Everyone needs LOVE...
Something came into my mind right now,--->who loves me???
yea~of course i knew there are lots of people out there loves me...
my parents, my bro,my sis, friends & etc...
same goes to me, i love them with all my ♥.
but what about my partner???
it seems like still a big question mark for this.....
hmm...some people may think that i'm selfish..
am i??
please give me all your loves before i give you because i don't want to be the one who hurts lot.
i admit that i'm greedy!!! i will request much more even it's already more than enough.(tat's me XD)

i need someone to pamper me like a princess. when i say yes, he will just nod his head and follow.
i need someone who will auto-saved whatever i said infront of him.
i need someone who will care me more then he cares himself.
i need someone who will think of me before he do anythings.

OMG! it seems like i'm so desperate for love?
i've enough love at least for now...XD
Who loves me???
Answer: ♥m3♥

Monday, August 23, 2010


Finally...i reactivate my blogspot account..hehe..
It has been a long time i din blogging ad...
so start frm now i'll share my life story at here..^^

Juz bek frm construction site...
hmm..not for work( for sure,coz i'm still studying ma)XD
but juz go there to "see" our house..(still tengah construct)..
hu~the weather is freaking hot!!!!
hot till my face red like"guangong"'s face...
n...again,kena tease frm my dad..T.T
he laugh me..ask me to change course...
coz i knt tahan bad lor..XD
but i reali like site surveying ma..
no need avday work inside bored..-.-''

Yesterday me and my dear havig our high tea in one of my humtown cafe..'s reali provide a"good service"..
bad attitude,expensive,very little of food,and...all worker face black like customer owe dem million of dollar...
aiz~those kind of service..gv me free i oso wun go for the next time...
tat not the worst part...
one of the worker post on facebook said we spoiled their cafe reputation..
which law say customer knt complain???
reali jidangao!!!!!!!
who say customer had no right to choose wat they want??
who say customer had no right to complain??
who say customer had no right to do comparison??

hmm... hv to stop here n go for lunch...^^

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