Monday, October 13, 2014

Emo creeps into mind

Don't really wish to think about it..
Just felt curious..
Is it is the signed that you want to make her attention? Why? U must comment on the status whenever she commented? Is it coincidence or purposely?
I don't know.. My sixth sense told me that is the behind one.. Seek for her attention maybe..
Is not the first time..
I will just said: once I hate it, I will make it as an undeleted virus.. birth month.
But someone told me that this year I couldn't get any present.. N he will only celebrate wv me by treat me a meal..
What was that means?
An early information?
Like I'm so materialistic, looked for his present and expected him will buy me a super luxurious present?
Oh gosh..I'm not please..
It just when I listen to that, my heart was sudenli turns melt and disappointed appear in mind for a few second..
What respond should I give?
Get mad?
Oh please~ I know I have no authority to get mad as he will said I didn't think for his situation.. Ya..I know him..
It's really doesn't matter that is there any present or how expensive the present is..
But it depends and shows the heart of the person, hw sincere he is..
Without lying, I was so damn disappointed when he told me that, but I choose to smile at him and told him doesn't matter..
Is not the matter that I get mad because he didn't plan to gv me any surprise or any represents that how important I'm inside his heart.. 
And this has shown the fact.
Is okay..I'm really okay with it..
What for to expect for so damn much? Lolz
Try to tink bek, how u celebrate your ex birthday? Did u ever care about the price tag for the present? Did u ever care about how expensive the meal is?

Not to just a fact..

I'm trying so hard to be the right one but what is my position inside your deepest heart?

Love doesn't required u to spend a lot..
A simple sweet post in social networking will do everything.
But The more I expected, the more I disappointed..

Love do need honesty..
I've repeated infinity times..
I know a lot of thing..
Just waiting for the time you want to clarified and talk honesty with me..
No point to hide it..
I doesn't like hide and seek..

Another day is gone.....
Another day is coming around...
I'm still waiting for.....


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