Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Memorable long weekend

Word really can't describe how much I love him and miss him...
Had spent a warmth sweet memorable enjoyable long weekend wv darl and his family...
Seriously.. I love all of them.. Sudenli so wish to be part of their family members..
All of them are just so nice and friendly..
Special thanks to man suk and man sam( babe's 小叔叔 and 小婶婶). Thanks for ur招待..and no worry,next trip I wun be shy anymore..😛😛

Went back to utar..the place where we first met..
A place full of memories...
Went back there and sit at the place where he first met me..
Still remember it was in DK3 both of us sitting at the last row..and he just sat right beside me.. 
Flash back the memories before..

No matter where the place... As long as he is by my side, that will be the best place for me..

I do love u so muchhhh.. So please.. Don't worry about I will leave u.. Promise u I wun.. You really can't imagine how much I love you.. How much I wish to stick wv u all the while..how much I wish to be your spouse..
Please do remember.. No matter how far apart we are, my love owax b there v u..

Love you n miss you sleeping 8...
You are the first n the last I could sacrificed so much..
Owax make me feel secure to b v u..
Lougong..I love you..

Count down for the next meet up darl..
N look forward to our December Korea trip..muacksssss..😘😘

The day we went to daiso.. Ignore us..we owax love to do silly act no matter where the place..
Starbucks v babe in east coast mall after shopping.. He knew that I love cheese cake so damn much.. Ignore my babe.. He was busying updated his insta n fb.
Take photo before we went for breakfie wv man suk and man Sam..
Yea..seaside..teluk cempedak..a very commercial seaside..McDonald's kfc Starbucks and 7-11 just right beside the seaside..the weather is so damn hot but still I want to stick wv my babe!!!
We always used to kiss kiss no matter where the place is..just like nobody cares.. 
Counting SGD...
The place we first met...he still remember where the place and where we sat.. 2 years+ago...Utar kl campus DK3...
Same location same row same seat..the only different is now he is mine...😏😏
Took as much photo as we can before the campus 'destroy' by Taruc..
Signature post..✌🏼️✌🏼
A place full of memories....
The place Where devil first met v his guardian angel..n now he holding her hand tight..forever..the promises..
Darl. After so long..and finally I found u...the one I find for so long.. My world is complete now..
Our Love would never fade..you know that.. Thanks for loving me so hard..I really appreciate everything I have now.. 
Especially you Ivan Lee tin wai...😘😘
Our couple watch..I love it so much..but please babe..don't waste money anymore..it cost SGD500+++😱😱😱


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