Wednesday, November 30, 2011

four months ago..since i last log in and updated my blog...
kinda lazy actually..xD

time pass damn fast...this is the last week for my y1s3..
tat's mean FINAL EXAM is cuming soon...T.T
this sem quite relax~i juz take 2 subjects only..
building services and english for engineering..
is the time to say goodbye for my year 1 in FES...
(dun be happy,still have another 3 years to go..T,T)

again~i took out all my notes and plan to study it by today.
but...........KINDA LAZY!!!!!
no mood to study at all..
hey~come on..i need some spirit and motivation...
-end of story for my studies life-
quite worried for my daddy...
there is a stone inside my dad kidney and its make him in pain..
the pain is killing him..>.<
may god bless him and wish my dad can recover as soon....

aiksss...rainny day again..make me feel sleepy~~


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