Friday, January 7, 2011

yeah,i'm here again..tat's mean i'm still alive..XD
currently at my hometown,having my sem break for 2++ weeks.
boring at home.nothing to do.everyday sleep,eat,online,gossip,sms with my dear and sleep again..
*human being are kinda weirdos..why i say so?? when school time,we keep thinking for holiday,when holiday that time we keep thinking for school time..XD*
Plan to go and get my driving license.but i think have to postpone again...because lack of time..
aiz..again...keep delay only...kinda disappointed to myself..haha
yeah,today is my small little naughty monster bufday (jasmine tan)
we help her to held a small party for celebrate her 10th birthday.. house almost collapse due to their super duper strong sound..
hu~ i really knt stand drive me crazy...zZz...
long time didnt being alone at my humtown ( i mean come back without my dear)
it feel so weird..but no choice,who ask he gt exam during my sem break time??
hmm..nothing to write liao...have to stop at here...
lastly wish my sister happy 10th bufday..^^

*dear~I MISS YOU*


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