Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally....i'm a degree student... XD

lol..maybe many people will feel very funny,as nowadays degree student are everywhere..!!

but for me is totally different.because i've waiting this day coming for two more years...Finally..its comes to me..thanks god!!^^

Wasted 2 more years for being nothing ..finally i fulfill my dreams and also my parent's dream..really finally!!!
got a little bit "gan dong" hahaha...=P

currently a degree student for UTAR..and i'm taking Quantity Surveying for my degree..

Another starting point in my life...

school had started since last week but i haven attend yet..(due to some stupid problem)..

And my timetable was really really sucks.monday to saturday also having classes..and the worst thing is,saturday class until 430pm..

gosh!! this time really no need go bek my lovely hometown liao~T.T

feel strange for the new surrounding..whole uni just got arround 3 or 4 blocks of building i think..

and the distance for me to walk from gate to those building is really really really not a joke..really will walk till kisiao...
(belum study sudah banyak complain..hahaha)

anyway...jiayou to myself la.hehe..


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