Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just come back from designer's house which located at kluang to discuss about our new house design..
hmm..the plan was done few months ago and the design was not bad actually..suit for what i want..simple,warmth and class..
i like simple design as simple makes perfect^^
went to mr.leong's house ( the designer) today for discuss about the price and all those "champalang" things.
the price was scary...rm85k ( juz for caribinet, bed rack,1 glass sliding door,breakfast table n mini bar) not include all those electrical things,furniture,curtain,wall paper,painting ,and so on.. and mr.leong tell us that we need arround rm 150k++ to decorate our new house..zZz..
suddenly feel that our money was getting smaller and smaller...rm150K just for interior about our landscape?? lolz... need to spent few more k to decorate it..aiz...our house just semi-D but need spent arround rm 150k to decorate it,try to tink about those people who owning a bunglow?
how rich they are??
poor ppl getting poor but rich man getting richer and richer..=.=''
i feel lucky that i'm my parent's child..although we are not as rich as those banglow's owner,but at least my parent will try to fulfill our needs and give us a wonderful lifestyle and such a perfect sweet home..
appreciate alot...thx my mum and dad alot^^


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