Thursday, September 30, 2010

Juz finish chatting phone wv my mum..
this is what i have to do everyday..
call bek and chat with her..^^
i dun tink tat everyone will same as me..(i mean call bek hum everyday XD)
but i enjoy to chat wv my mummy...

My classes had started since yesterday..
hmm..pengajian malaysia is reali a boring+dull subject..
sumore have to attend it for 3 hour and my class was start from 9am...
and i have to go peteling jaya for attend for my classes...
can u try to imagine tat??
from setapak go pj juz for attending 6hours lecture for 2days..(mean 1 day 3hours)
and i juz heard my kampar friends say that they juz have to attend for 2 hours and their classes is start from next week...!!!!
what the hell man...i tot we are taking the same thing wor,but y different so much???argghhh!!!stupid utar!!poor system!!
By the way,there are 1 topic which attract me most in the pengajian m'sia classes is...our lectural had told us that bumiputra are not oni for malay and those pribumi or orang asli...portuguese are also consider as matter u are mixblood or pure portuguese..what a good news for us!!wahaha..(although my blood was juz contain less than 30% of protuguese blood)
but who cares??also can call as mixblood what...XD

now the thing that i most worry is my popo(dad's mum)..
she was sick recently and quite serious..
sick for few week ady but she still haven recover..
reali worry for her..
and my uncle will send her to hospital on tomorrow.mean i have to go back seremban as my parent will also going back on tomorrow..
sincerely hope that popo will be fine and get well soon...
i miss her handmade pau,hakka and hainan dishes...
god bless her will get well as soon as possible...


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