Monday, October 11, 2010

MPW 1133 ,MPW 1153...
guess what code is it??
hmm~ tat is my lan subject code.
almost get crazy with the assignment for both of this subject..
wondering y we must take this 2 stupid subject for IPTA or even IPTS???
as this 2 subject are not count any cgpa wat..T.T
reali hate dis 2 subject..i mean it!!!
it has been a long time i din study for malay.
but now,both subject also teaching in malay..>.<''
my malay was not bad actually,juz becoz long time din touch and i had forgot sum of the terms...T.T
just finish searching some stupid information for pengajian malaysia assignment..what peranan of prime minister and what kabinet..i reali blur with it!!!
i hate politics..i even duno wat had happen with our country's politics..
so..juz try to image how i'm goin to do the assignment?
yup..i'm totally lost now..
luckily dis 2 subject will not be count in cgpa..(thx god)XD


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