Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Few day didnt open my blog..
this few day really busy..busy for that both stupid assignmnet..(funny?!)
aiz~1st time feel that assignment is so annoying!! hate it..!!!
put so much effort for this stupid subject(cgpa are not counted)but at last kena reject wor..
what the hell~~!!!!!!!
For my stupid assignment group leader Mr.Lawrence:
make sure that u reali understand what are the title and what are the task that tutor ask us to do before u assign the work for us..i've not so many time to redo and redo and redo..if u dunno how to do kindly pass your leader job to other who can handle it..dun act ursev very pro can ma? beside than cakap besar what else you knw??=.=''
and,can you please tell me earlier if you wan me to redo my work?not tmr u wan to see and ask me to do for u by today..i nid time to search info,nid time to type,nid time to think also..
celaka...so pandai act pro do all the work by urself la...stupid bastard idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
puik!! #$%^&


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