Friday, May 11, 2012

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Is blue color font...well, i really love blue color a lot..There are many people saying that blue represent the color of emo..but i don't think so..For me~it's represent clam..xD

Is another a long long time i didnt kinda lazy actually..(i'm not tat pandai in expressing my feeling by writting)
IS the end of year 2 sem 1 in my degree life..well, tomorrow is the last paper for me and after tat i will officially having my very short sem break...(is less than 2 weeks..gosh!!!) 

Sometimes, what we expected is totally different in the real life..well, maybe is i expected too much on him or maybe i'm just too to say?! it just kinda feeling..sometimes, i felt that we have no future,although i really wish to have. Is that i'm thinking too much? i really duno..what i felt is the feeling like already change..there is a gap between us!!!
i hate this kind of feeling...for him, i dun tink he realize anything change..maybe girls are always more sensitive than guys.there is something wrong between us!! is quite frustrated for me still go on...
i scared i will be hurt again and again..and i really dun wish something bad happen to me..
it's all fate~ i will try to do my best and try to bear with it will goes like?! it is all depend to god and i will just follow what the god has plan for me in my life... ... ....


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