Saturday, July 13, 2013


Everything happen for a reason..
Sometime I prefer to remain silent...
Is it my heart getting stronger and stronger or should said it is getting colder and colder?!!
I know I shouldn't have this kind of mindset..
But it really just came across my mind and the feeling is getting stronger and stronger..
Lord said: love everyone just like I love you all...
I try to do so..but sorry for "those"..I really couldn't make it..
Maybe is because....
Ya..I admit it, recently it is easy for me to have such feeling..
This is the consequence..
Is time to pull mysev bek..

I'm still me..
Dislike means dislike..I won't pretend myself to smile with u or pretend to be nice with u..

That's me....

The way of love n hate come from...

Heavenly Father..
I beg for your forgiveness..
Please forgive all the sin that I've done..
Replace my negative attitude with kindness..
Replace my negative mindset with the positive one..
Guide me and direct me to the right path.
All I want is to become as holy as you my lord..
In Jesus name,amen..


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