Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Life won't be as easy as what you think..
It also won't be as smooth as what you expect..
Do you ever tried this before!??
When u plan something so hard and maybe you felt it was so perfect for you and you are really excited and look forward for it..at the end there is something not really urgent for you, not really in your concern but because of responsibility you just cant ignore it, reject it and avoid it..ya..it ruined my whole planing..
Do u ever tried this before?? and do you know what's that feeling??
Bloody hell..
I thought it will be the perfect 1... Gods know!??
now I've to replan again...
And everything is too late!!!!!
Expectation ended up with disappointed..
Guess the one will have such feeling too..
Argh..I'm really just so sorry for the imperfection..it really out of my expectation..
I know it means lot to my somebody but what to do?!!!
Beside that sorry n guilty I really don't know what should I do..
It totally mess me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why so coincidence?!!!!!!!
Arghhhhh..wish to bang wall now... T.T


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