Saturday, January 11, 2014

It has changed..
It is gone...
Everything had change..
I can felt the changes..
It doesn't same as before..
From the sweetest to the tasteless..
It was a truth...

Girl, u must be tough!!!
Nothing gonna beat me up..
I knew that there is still lot of people are loving me...tats my family..
No matter what happen, they will still love me as much as they could..
Thx god that I've such a blissful family..
Stay strong girl!!

I make a wish from lord..
I prayed to him..
Wishing that lord will guide me to the right way...
Whenever I felt lost I will prayed..
Christian is not my religion..I'm not a religious community.and I'm a free thinker...but I do believe in the existance of him...
Maybe because of the past incidents and it makes me believe that he is really existed!! I can really felt that he is right beside me, listen to my prayer and respond to my prayer..
Maybe someone might said that it was just a coincidence, but for me it is definitely not!!!
It always make myself felt calm n refresh after I make my prayer...

"Heavenly Father,direct my path..I cannot manage certain task and responsibility by my own strength , let along making rational decision. Therefore, I ask for your wisdom to know what to do, what to say and where to go...
Lord,this world are full of hypocrisy, lies and deceit. in order for me to make it in this lifetime I need discernment to exposes what's hidden in darkness...
I give you my pain, my tears, my stronghold, my mistakes, my worries, my fears because you care for me...
you are my light, you are my sources, you are my strength, you are my provider, you are my healer, you are my everything.. Instruct my path, father..
In Jesus name I prayed, amen..."


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