Monday, February 10, 2014

Life full with stresses

Holiday is over.. 
And yea I'm back to the hell..
2014.. If there is no any accident happen it will be the last year for my degree life..
Study for so long ,fighting for so hard and finally I'm in the final year..
Year 4 sem 1...
7 subjects to deal with..
•current construction issue
•construction law
•development Econ
•computer aided for QS
•project management
•final year project

Am I able to cope with it??
I have no idea about it...
So damn stress right now..
Bunch of assignment are waiting for me ahead..
Mid term test are coming around..
And how about my fyp??!!! It should be submitted on week10...
My mind totally went blank when I think of all these stuff..

Words knt even express the feeling..
It just like I'm lost in the middle of the path......

Stop talking with me...
Stop play around with me..
I'm really no mood to entertain anybody out of there..
I'm in stress..
And finally I understand...
Is not tat easy to become an engineering student especially in Utar....

My lord,
I prayed for myself today...
Please give me strength to deal with it..
Turns my negative mindset to the positive one..
Currently I felt lost in my way..
Therefore, I need lord to direct my path and guide me to the right way..
Heal away all the miserable and emotional feelings from me..
Restore those feeling with a cheerful and postive one...
I need you..n I know u always be with me.. Thanks for hearing to my prayer n response to my prayer..
May god bless..
In Jesus name I prayed amen...



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