Friday, April 18, 2014

Is in hell

Don't really understand why...
Just simply questioned it..
Without any offense..
And what the answer I get is really out of my expectation..

The 1st time I felt so lost..
Really wondering...
Is that worth??
I know my eye sight condition...
Is getting weaker and weaker..
I knew that I shouldn't cry anymore as it might make it worst.. really out of my control..
Wake up in the early morning, and I found out everything was blurred..
By that moment I was afraid..
But I rather keep it myself..

Last night, the worst night..
I done something that really ridiculous..
I... Ya...I think I'm insane..!!
I shouldn't be like this..
Is not me!!!
Wake up and think back, it seems to be so silly and such childish.
What am I doing?
What I've done??!!!

You know what is the most important to you. You shouldn't harm yourself..
In this world, all are hypocrisy.. 
No one will treat u with their true heart except ur family and ur ownself..
Don't expect too much from others, it's better to love ursev more instead of hoping other to love you..
I get the lesson..
The worst time I ever had..

Anyway, thanks for hurting..u make me stronger and finally realize who are the best in my life...
And finally I knew that I don't know how to appreciate my life.
I give up those old days life and now yea, I knew I shouldn't complain about it..
I deserved it..

As usual.. I am still dreaming and waiting for it..I believe it will exist someday..

Depressed and fed up with those hell days.. 
I need some motivation!!! Final is around the corner!! Find back ur fighting spirit.. Don't let other things defeat u!! 
Put aside!!
U should know which one will stick wv u forever n ever...

Alone so what?? I can walk through the tough period..I believe..
Positive mindset needed!!!!


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