Saturday, December 6, 2014

It has been nearly one and a half year since we last meet with each other..
But still there is no gap between us and still I'm the princess among them..
We chat thro out the night..
I dy forgot when was the last time I Yamcha with them along the night and keep on crapping with them..
Yea.. We chat everything, everyone give opinion and share their ideas..
And I'm awake...
How long I didn't having a good chat with people beside than my family?
Today I had spoke out everything which hide inside my deepest heart...
We laugh , we tease and crap nonsense..
I nearly forgot when was the last time I laugh without any worries..
Owax.. They are the one who re-built my confidence..
Thanks god for allocate them in my life..
Feel bless to have them..



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