Thursday, April 7, 2011

huhu~ i'm back!! ^^
is has been a long long time i didnt blogging..( banyak spider web dy lor) XD

Utar life = degree life =busy life...

is week 12 now..(oopsss~ after friday den is week13 dy XD)

tat's mean final exam is coming SOON!!! time to say goodbye to my Utar degree Y1S1 lu~^^

this is few i'm reali busy with my assignment..

construction technology assignment 1 and 2, building material lab report, management principle assignment + presentation and also auto cadd...


i've done all these annoying work...and plan to having my own study week start frm tmr~


forget to say..i didnt kena barred list~muahahaha...=P

goin bek to my dear humtown maybe on tomorrow or saturday^^

miss kuala selangor bak kut teh~(yummy yummy^^)

i'll take photo and upload to my blog after i having it^^(haolian) time for me to go~wait for my next blog ba~^^

*start to plan for my future...jiayou la^^


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