Saturday, April 23, 2011

These few day is really not my day..!!! feel a little bit pissed off!!!
1st is about my PTPTN...all my friends have already accept it except me..

i was wondering and keep on thinking what the hell is going on??
izit i forget to submit document or they dunwan to approve my loan??
i still remember that during my primary school time,all of my classmate get free text book (school borrow) except me..
i was young that time and sure i was curious about i asked my teacher y i didnt get the text book??
try guess what my teacher answered me???
" your dad drive Volvo and your shop so big u still wan us to borrow you text book??" this is wat my beloved teacher replied...zzz...(totally speechless)
the same cases was happened again during my secondary school time.. and i was used to it already...
at utar....
i didnt receive ptptn money.
.i was thinking that izit the officer go and investigate my dad salary?? (bcoz i juz wrote it as rm1300 nia~XD)

but at last...
what i found out is utar officer didnt send my ptptn document to ptptn office juz because there are sumthing went wrong for my personal detail..
without any information and notice.

they juz throw my personal detail and put my other document aside...(really pissed off!!!!)
i post it on facebook..
one of my hometown friend saw it and she was so kind and help me to go ptptn office and asked for it...(thx~poh hoon^^)

on tat time only i knew that utar didnt pass up my document!!!!!!!
no choice~ i have to rush bek PJ and submit my personal detail as the staff said she will go and submit it on next tuesday.. thankyou for my dear~as he drive me to kl~xinku ni le~XD love you~(try imagine,frm johor rush to kl and then come bek johor again...waste money and of course energy!!)
now i juz hope that everything can settle as fast as possible...!!
really felt up with utar system and the staff working attitude...irresponsible at all!!! about people...i had sumthing wana let someone know...
" eh~please la...if not i really knt do it u tot i'll beg u or please u to help me?? what called friend?? friend shud not be selfish what...lolz...before giving people color face please try to think back izit tat person help you before..lolz.
haiz~really samtam!!!


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