Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HaPpY hOliDay ^^

is sem break now~
finish my year 1 sem 1 by just a single moment of time...
hu~ let's do an analyse on what i've learn on my degree year 1 sem 1^^
- construction technology...
- building material
- management principle (the most bored subject)
-technical drawing and Auto CADD

yesterday was my last day for final exam...
hmm...overall is still okie...i managed to answer most of the question..
the exam question can consider as easy (compare with what i expect).

enjoy my sem break now..
no more assignment,
no more homework,
no more note...
what i have is holiday for 1 month...XD
i can totally relax and enjoy during this 1 month time^^

hApPy holiday for all UTARians...^^


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