Friday, August 23, 2013

Je n'aime pas vraiment vous

Another day gone.
Few days didn't updated my time to add in something new =)
Well,this blog is all about my own perspective..I just wrote out whatever in my mind..get out from this if u doesn't like it..

Yea.. I admit I really just doesn't like both of u..ya..just both of u..
As stated in bible,lord said " love all the people around u including your enemies..
I did it, I really did it..but except u both..
I just can't really accept you both..
Dislike means dislike..
No matter who u are?How close you are with the people who close to me, or what u did..
Once I set my own mindset,tats my final decision and I'm not going to change it anymore..

Well,maybe u can said tat I'm just too stingy..whatever..I wun care how others think about won't affect me at all..
What I'm going to tell is:sorry you are not eligible to become my friend although you are someone best doesn't means that I should treated u as my best friend!! NO!! It's impossible..

Just stay away from me and get out of my make me eyesore..
I know you will see this..
Always stalk n spread like a busybody.
Sometime I was wondering are you just too free? Nothing to do?! I just cant really understand why there is such a busybody person around me?! Read my blog and tell others about it..well,I think I should declare something here..I don't ever need anyone help me to "promote" whatever in my blog..I'm not like others blog is just a space for me to scream out whatever hide inside my deepest is a place for me to record down my own feeling or so called a secret place..the one who wish to know more about me will surf it,thanks for you busybodyness 
And please be cooperation..merçi

Last but not least..
Better stay away from me..
I will never show my pretty nice face towards you if forced to having meals with you...
This is real; this is me...
I'm not a whatever I doesn't like it, I will just scream it out, no offense n please don't treated me as a weirdos..everyone has their own temper..
I will respect you only if you respect me.. =)


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