Saturday, August 24, 2013


Receive a breaking news from cousin sister..
Her father in law was one of the victim of the genting tragedy...
Suddenly there is like something hit on my head, mind went blank for few seconds..ya..when the time you get the news that someone you know was kill in an accident..could you just imagine how was the feeling??!! Although we just meet for only once..
May your soul could rest in peace uncle, my deepest condolence to my cousin sis and her mother in law..
Lets pray for the tragedy,n may those victims could rest in peace..

Moral of the above incident: do appreciate whatever you have now.. Life is fragile, human are just too tiny.. We can't predict what is going to happen on the next, don't let yourself have the chance to regret...
By the way..I do believe in god..I always believe that everything happen for a reason..god has arrange everything in everyone's life..


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