Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October..ma favorite month

Yea~ is October...
A month that I love the most..
1st day of oct..
Same as usual..busying for my work..progress claim, work progress chart, measurement, quotation, site valuation and so so so on..
Hu~ 2 more months to go and luckily I didn't promise my contract manager , mr.vincent, the big liar to extend my internship..
Work load getting heavy and heavier but I did enjoy my work so much..
I choose the course that I'm interested with it and so do my job.. Work as interest but not work as a 'work'..
Sound complicated right??
Well~ ignore what I'm saying, I'm always talking something that others hard to understand.. XP
2 more months to go before my holidays come..

Having western cuisine as my lunch just now..lunch treated by Mr.Jimmy, reinforced bar's supplier..
Láfité.. The restaurant name...
A France theme restaurant..
Love the environment ,high classes surround with some soft classic music, romantic environment,all the staff are so kind and friendly and of course the price was very high as well..
But it is worth..as the cuisine is quite special and tasty..
Hmm..it was the best western cuisine in the town..
Thanks mr.jimmy for the expensive lunch..(around rm300 for just 3 of us)..
Having a great meal and great time with them.. 

Laying on my lovely purple bed...
Turn on my sleeping mode..
Good nite world❤️

Le fish n chip, scallop, smoke duck salad, grill chicken chop, spaghetti , salmon and dessert ...special thanks to mr.jimmy =)


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