Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm back, October babyyy

It has been quite a long time didn't updated my blog...
Kinda lazy and kinda bored..
Ma favorite month..
Simply love this month so much because I'm October babyyy...

1 n half months to go before my internship going to end..
Getting busier as I need to prepare my industrial training report n need to summarize out my daily task...

Time past time
Day past day
Sometime I really felt exhausted..

Few more days and I will turn to become 23..omg!!!! Getting older n older.. 
Giving myself 3 years time..
Set my own goal and aim..
Hopes that I could achieve it within this 3 years..

Believe in ursev...
Give some faith to yourself..
Focus on it..
Put some effort on it..
Sure you can do it..!!

Strengthen me and lead me my lord..


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