Thursday, November 7, 2013


Does fairy tale exist in this reality world??
Hmm..maybe some will said it is impossible.. 
But I've got a fairy tale love story once upon a time..
Well..let the bygone be the bygone..
Reading my twilight novel while having my tea-time..
It was the only novel that I read and it was the only movie that I love the most..
I love Robert pattinson without any reason.. I love his character in twilight..

Edward; the vampire,can do and sacrifice everything for Bella. He can read people's mind, but fate gave him chance to understand Bella, because he can't read her mind, the only one! Both of them came from a totally different space..human and vampire..They pass through so many obstacle, sacrifice for each other, just to be together. 
Even it was just a story, but it touched me..Really touch and amazing story. 
Does it happens in real life??!!

Sometime something just against us, played us, to make us tougher. We must have belief, and trust. I always believe that, everything happened for a reason..Time will tells us everything. 

Time has brought your heart to me..


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