Friday, July 3, 2015

Helo july helo babe

Kinda long time didn't update my blog..
I'm back..✌🏼️✌🏼

Picture tells thousand words.. And this is what I gonna tell..

Spent a nice weekend with darl n my 2 dinosaur.. Having our meal at loading bay Kluang..
**guess where we are? Unbelievable.. This is the second time he come my up with my parent..❤️
Miss u so much my babe babe...

It is really happy and warmth when u knew that your parents and sibling can mix well with your bae.. So glad to know that they like him so much.. 
Had spent a really enjoyable and quality time with all of my love one.. 
It's unbelievable but it does happened!!
Thanks for entering my life and make it become so wonderful and complete..
I love u darl💕
Playing bowling tgt with parents n love one during the time we went to country garden,danga bay for the sake of property investment..😊

Countdown for our next meet up,family trip with darl's family .. 20days u sleeping 8..😘😘


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