Sunday, July 12, 2015

My bae

Seriously I felt grateful with what I've now.. I don't know how to describe how wonderful my boyfriend is..but he is just too perfect and always able to make me feel touch3d...

Sometime a simple action will melts u..a simple action will let u know how much you mean to him.. I felt it.. No matter how tired he is,no matter what the situation is..he will do whatever he can just to make me feel happy.. Thanks for entering my life.. Had spent another lovely weekend with him..

Glad that my parents and relative love him so much too..
Firstly my mum, when she knew my bae gonna come my house,she quickly went to market bought ingredients for 莲藕排骨汤..(my bae like it so muchhhh).. Seriously I like such makes me felt so warmth when u knew that your mum treated ur darl as part of the family members.

Secondly my aunt...purposely reserves 2 durians for him as she knew that my bae likes to eat durian.. (So sorry to tell that I dun like the ugly fruit at all)😅😅

Darl..nothing much to say beside that I love u..hope that our love will never fade..endless one okie?😊😊❤️❤️

Owax love to use my phone to selfie  when I went for bathing..😍😍
Guess where we are? Bae is inside my room..😏
Hi bae..miss u badly..
A cup of coffee..the famous Kluang coffee..having breakfast with bae and family..
And time to say bye bye again..the saddest I wish I could spent all of my time with you my darl..see u next week babe.. And wait for me..October..our promises😘😘

He is the one who willing to do whatever things just to cherish his girl.. Thanks babe..❤️


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