Tuesday, November 13, 2012

miserable?! suffering?! struggling?!

life is always not as simple as u wish..
my current life was full with loneliness,emoness and miserable..
pretending that I'm fine n nothing in front of my family and even my friend..
tears drop down,out of my control when I was alone..
nobody knew that....
it was few days ago since we last chat..
I'm wrong.
I shouldn't came out v the post..
I should keep the relation in a vague state..
at least we can still keep In contact..
but now..
is over..its really over..
do u still remember what u have promise me before?!
u said I'm important to you..
u said I'm precious..
u said u will always accompany me.
u said u won't dont bother me..
u said it is a must for me to watch football match v u..
u said u will watch twilight breaking dawn II with me..
u said u scared I don't want to bother you..
u said u will take care of me n u wan me to do so...
u said u want me to be happy..
do u still rmb?!
are those promises still promises??
or it is just a void?!
I don't know, really don't know..
my mind was stuck at there..
my heart was struggling..
I don't know what to do..
how I wish we still like before..
we texting all the time when u are free..
call me up just to listen my voice before u went to sleep..
but now..all change!!
I know there are lots of thing troubling u..
and I know u're not going to share v me anymore..
all I can do now is just pray for you..
put you in my prayer..
and waiting for the day that I waiting for..
I really wish that the day will come..
besides praying I really duno wat else I can do..at least it could make me feel clam and feel better.......
may god bless...


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