Saturday, November 24, 2012


Heavenly Father,
I know I can take life for granted at times whereas so many did not make it through the day or let along see today.
Teach me to be grateful and more aware of your grace.
There are many people living in deception, darkness and spiritual blindness by the energy but I thank you that your mercies are new every morning God.
You are so gracious that you give us many chances to get it right and some are still taking life for grant because their mind have be soaked into falsehood.
I asked in Jesus name that you will remove the deceit, deception and confusion off of people right now Lord.
Let your light shine so bright that the blind will know you are Lord.
I speak on the behalf of my bother and sister who are suffering and overwhelmed by what they are going through.
Know that with God you will make it through in Jesus name.
The reason why you are going through hardship is because The Lord is strengthening your faith and bringing you to a higher level in him.
The Lord wants in endow you with the power of the Holy Ghost.
•To lay hands and to decern.
•To understand his holy word.
•To speak with tongue and give interpretation.
•To prophesy with edification.
•To heal the sick and raise the dead.
•To cast out devils like Jesus said.
•To open blind eyes and cure the mind.
•To move mountains and break up the fallow ground.
Endow your people today Lord.
In Jesus name,Amen.


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