Sunday, November 4, 2012

when emoness came into my life...

my tears was drop down..out of my control..I try my best to control my tear not to drop down but I failed..
I dun care how others people think and look on me..I can't control their mind and even their mouth..
I'm so lazy to explain with them and I think that was not is unnecessary for me to explain with those unimportant people and unimportant matter..
this was me..I won't care others feeling.i don't mind if you don't like me.u can just leave..
how come u both keep blame on me and saying tat I'm wrong? I didn't do anything..I admit I'm wrong..not because of I give up the relationship.but just because of I'm not cruel enough and not mean enough.I was too soft hearted..that's y I get hurt again and again..
all I do is just to protect I wrong??

thx God..thx god for giving me such a good daddy..I'm really appreciate to have such a good daddy..
he is the only one who stand by my side n listen to me when all of the people were blaming on me..
daddy said: try to find a guy who love u more but not you love him more..daddy wants u to be happy..remember!! u're not alone..u still have daddy.. tears drop down again..
feel touch n warmth.
he even scare I will think much and suggested to hang out with me..
I really appreciate n feel grateful that I having such a good daddy..

I shouldn't wasted too much of time on the stupid relationship's not worth..u treat someone as the importance one but they might be not..

I'm dad's precious.
•the one who always so arrogant once upon a time•
•the one who live in her own world n always ignore the others once upon a time•
•the one who live with her own principle once upon a time•

I should be myself..
be tough Jessica..nothings gonna beat u someone said:time is the best medicine to cure sadness n emoness..
so..let times tell the truth.
...its not the end of the world,life still goes on...


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