Friday, January 28, 2011

Currently at seremban now..coming back for celebrating my popo belated bufday..^^
Just come from Genting Highland in the afternoon..
Have an awesome trip at there with my beloved,lee leng and linchen..
Really having lots of fun at there..but of dear's wallet was out of blood (spent alot of money)...
The weather at there was damn cold..around 13'c..and the mist was so thick,even indoor also surround by the mist..and so sad,we couldnt get ourself to outdoor...
Nice weather to sleep at there..but........aiz~tak cukup tidur as my dear keep wake me up early in the morning..kinda waste!!! haha..
Having my 1st bowling game at there...really 1st 1st i was so shy to play as i really din play it before and i sked ppl will laugh at me..
after i tried it..
hmm...not too bad..quite nice actually~hahaha...XD
Therefore,i realize that,no shy for everything as everyone oso got their 1st time for everything..^^
Although tired but it is really awesome...


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